Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What does your beauty routine say about you?

I haven't always been nail polish and make-up obsessed. It's actually a relatively new (past few years) thing for me. 

I think that my beauty obsession started when I met my friend Myranda. I started becoming interested in make up and what not. My sorority is what changed my daily routine though. Now I know you probably are thinking, "Oh, how typical.." But really it isn't how you would expect.

One of my sisters talked to us about how important it is to present yourself in a classy manner, starting on the outside. Michelle is pretty much perfect. If you can find a flaw on her, I don't know how! Whenever I see her she is dressed cute, hair done, natural make up, etc. She made me realize a lot of things. The first thing being that you represent a lot of people. Someone may recognize you across a room and look at you and recognize you as an employee from a certain company or any given organization. 

Not only does your appearance represent others, but it also gives off a million first impressions. Think about it.. what is the first thing you do when you meet someone? You look at them. What kind of impression do you want to give off? That you're sloppy and don't take care of yourself. Of course not. 

So the moral of the story.... Before you leave in the morning take a look at yourself and ask what kind of impression am I going to make today? (Now I'm not saying cake the make-up on.. I'm just saying take care of yourself!) The real moral of the story is though, I am going to start blogging more about beauty! 

Get ready for it!

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