Friday, June 29, 2012


I dream of a house full of love, laughter, and babies.
I dream of a career that gives me the means to change the lives of children and to provide for myself and family financially so that the stress of bills doesn't exist.
I dream of growing old with my soon to be husband.
I dream of days that we spend relaxing and laughing with our family.
I dream of a family of our own that knows love like we were shown growing up.

I dream of constant smiles and only tears of joy.
I dream of a life that I know would make my dad proud.

What do you dream of?

Monday, June 25, 2012

6 Months Down

Today marks the day that Josh and I have been engaged for 6 months!
I can't believe that it has been half of a year already!

The day that Josh proposed to me was so magical and still instantly brings a smile to my face.
Look at that smile on his face!

It's hard to believe that in less than a year we will be married! I am so excited to make it official and spend the day celebrating with the love of my life and our family and friends. 
I have been crazy entwined with wedding planning. I have been doing tons of little projects every week. I am a planner so its no surprise I already have lots of projects going already! 

Josh is seriously the man of my dreams. He is so kind, smart, and loving. He also is my best friend. When we're together we act like we're the only people in the world who exists. It makes my heart leap thinking that in less than a year he'll be my husband!

P.S. I can't wait to share all of my wedding crafts when the wedding is done!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Girlfriend Getaways

Last night Josh and I took our sweet pup, Rosco on a walk to the park. As we were walking I said something along the lines of this to Josh: "I am so happy lately. I feel as if I'm spending enough time with myself, with you, with my family, and with my friends"

I know I have talked about this before. Lately though I feel my girlfriends have really made my life so enjoyable.

My friend Katie and I work together so we spend lots of time together anyways but we also have been spending lots of time together crafting, getting Panera, training for a 5k, and maybe occasionally sharing a glass of wine!

My friend Jacqlyn and I spent a few days together this weekend too. Nail painting, movies, trashy TV, olive garden and pure relaxation were all part of our agenda.

I have never in my life been so blessed to have the quality of great friends as I have now. There's nothing like having those girl friends in your life to laugh, cry, and maybe even complain with!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Daddy's Girl

On this beautiful Father's Day...

I am thankful for a father who is my best friend..
A father who has treated my mom the way every woman should be treated, like a princess..
A father who has been there with me at my weakest moments and smiled with me at the happiest moments..
A father who has worked hard to provide for his family.

He has shown me exactly what I want my children to have in their father someday
& gave permission to that man to marry me.

Josh's Dad, John is to thank for the man that Josh is. (and his mom!)
John, like my dad is an amazing father.
I have only had the pleasure of knowing him for a little over 3 years.
Knowing his son and getting to know him has showed me how loving, intelligent, and caring of a man he is.
I can't wait to watch Josh look at and treat our children the same way John treats Josh.
I can't wait to call him my Dad too!

I love you both so much!

Friday, June 15, 2012

A bug & A wish

When I was in elementary school I was a conflict manager.

I was a pretty big deal obviously, managing conflicts and all. I wore a little white hat while I patrolled the playground. ;)

We had this little wheel that gave us ideas on how to solve conflicts. One of the options was "A bug & a wish".
A bug and a wish went a little like this.

Little Johnny: It bugs me when you call me names and I wish you would stop it.

Lately, I have been wishing that problems were still that easy to solve!

Don't you wish you could just Bug and a wish everyone who you had a conflict with!?

I will admit it, I am a pretty emotional gal. Somethings hurt my feelings way more than they should and will last for months or even years.

How do you deal with conflict?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Faith and Fear

A few weeks ago I lost one of my cheerleaders. She died in a horrible drunk driving accident along with another one of her classmates. 

To say the very least it was a horrifying experience. I have never had to deal with something so tragic in my life. 

Besides the experience bringing me down and out for a few weeks.. it also has brought on an anxiety of death. Suddenly, I am so scared of someone I love dying..

One night, after the accident occurred Josh and I had a conversation while laying in bed. 

S: I don't want to die young, I want to die old with you...
J: We will, I promise. 
S: You can't promise that.

I think I was pretty on point, you can't promise a life. 

But, what you can do is cherish everyday you are given. 

Relish every second of everyday.

This doesn't make my fears go away, but it sure does put it in perspective.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Easy 50 Cent Craft!

If you read my last post, you saw that I am LOVING thrift stores!

Yesterday, I made a trip to one and scored big! I got some lace for a wedding project, a necklace, and this for a whopping 50 cents:

My mom had one of these but smaller when I was a kid. I immediately was attracted to the pink, gold, and nostalgia it brought to me. So I picked it up! Just this weekend I was wishing that my travel make-up bag had a mirror. Viola, Wish come true!

So, I busted out my cricut and made a little monogram using some vinyl, took out the tray inside of it, and as easy as that I was done!

Check it out!

What have you revamped from a thrift store?


Pinned Image
I have been listening to my running play list every time I go out. Yesterday I giggled when 'Single Ladies' by Beyonce came on! It reminded me that when Josh proposed to me he updated his facebook status to: I liked it, so I decided to put a ring on it.
EVERYTHING! Lately I have been soaking in the small things in life. Last night I was laying in bed with the lights dimmed, the fan on, and a new book in my hand. I was so content.
More specifically though, I am loving: running, thrift store shopping, crafting, spending time with Josh and our families, and nail polish of course!
I want to get home! There is something about going home to a cozy house after work! I am also thinking that I need to go running again tonight! No excuses, especially since it isn't nearly as hot as it was yesterday!
The anxiety of graduating to go away. The fear of being jobless and burdened with student loans weighs on my heart everyday. I have faith that it'll work out, but it doesn't stop the worrying.
To see my Dad. It's his birthday and I am a Daddy's girl!

What are you listening, loving, thinking, wanting, and needing?!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

How I asked my 'maids'

There is a lot of wedding projects and what not that I want to blog about! 
A lot of it will have to wait until after the wedding, some things need to be a surprise
(I have been a wedding crafting machine though!)

Today, I wanted to tell you how I asked my bridesmaids to be in my wedding!

I bought 5 bottles of wine, I tried to pick ones that I knew they would like.

On my word processor I typed the following:

As I prepare for the day
 that I am to be bride,
It would mean the world to me
to have you sipping by my side.
Will you be my bridesmaid?

I also put a little picture of us on it as well! I then cut a piece of scrapbook card stock and made a whole in the top. I glued the paper off of the word processor to the card stock and hung it on the wine bottle!

Check out how they turned out:

I had a couple friends cry and a couple scream! haha

My favorite reaction was my friends Myrandas. She pulled out the bottle and our conversation went a little like this:
M: You didn't have to get me wine.
S: Check out the paper on it.
M: This picture is so cute of us!
S: (Waiting for her to read it)
M: (Finally reads it and starts to tear up!)

If you wanna hear more about my bridesmaid check out my  Meet The Maids post!
(P.S. The pictures aren't working on that page for some reason! Sorry!)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Beautiful Day

Hello Friday!

Weekends always seem so perfect.

Time for friends and family.

Time to let your body rest.

Time for getaways and catching up! 

Weekends in the summer seem even more perfect.

Impromptu trips to the beach, sitting outside reading a book,
going for a run with the sun shining on your face...

What is your perfect summer weekend?!

P.S. I got a new look! What do you think?!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bring on..

Bring on the sunshine,
Bring on the beautiful Lake Michigan water,
Bring on time spent with family,
Bring on nights around the campfire...

T-minus 2 days until our camping trip begins.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

You are what you eat?

I have to admit, I've been on bit of a health kick lately.

Probably about a month ago I gave up my beloved Diet Coke and tried to start eating better.

It has definitely been a struggle. Diet Coke and I were BFF's. But, I came to a realization that there is nothing that my body needs from DC. What my body really needs is water and a lot of it. I have been carrying my pink Camelbak water bottle everywhere I go.

More recently I have started working out. I have been doing a mixture of different things including: Cardio, Pilate's, and ab work outs that I get on Netflix. Ab, cardio, leg, and other exercises that I have found on pinterest. 

Today, my friend Katie talked me into running the Color Run with her in August. I will start training for that soon. I have never ran a 5K so it will be a nice accomplishment. (and crazy fun!)

I have been eating lots of fruits and veggies. I also just started using this. It helps me realize the quality or lack there of, of what I'm eating.

I have been getting a little bit of heat for this life style change. I am not trying to loose a significant amount of weight. I am trying to become a healthy and fit young woman. I should be healthy and fit I am only 22! I want to feel good about what I eat and do physically. (And maybe look a little better in a bikini! ;) )

This quote has really stuck to me in the last few months:

You aren't a dog. Why do you treat yourself with food?

Why do we do that? Shouldn't we be "treating" our bodies to healthy foods and exercise instead of sugar packed treats?!

So, send me your advice! (I'm going to need it!)
 How do you try to keep a healthy lifestyle?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

5 Things

Brought To You By: Jacqlyn

5 things I could use more of:
1. Laughing so hard that my face hurts
2. Craft nights with Katie
3. Hugs
4. Healthy foods that make you feel good when you are done eating them
5. Candles that smell like summer

5 things I could do without:
1. Family and friends being on the other side of the state
2. People with bad attitudes
3. Cramped space
4. Mineral makeup that spills everywhere
5. Endless laundry

Today has been a relaxing, carefree Sunday.

I could use more of these too! 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

An Accident, A Solution, & My 5 Summer Beauty Needs

 Once Upon A Time...

There was a little girl named Sami. She loved to sit on the bathroom sink while she did her makeup. Well one day, Sami fell off the sink and hurt her ribs.

...True Story...

I really did fall off the sink a few weeks ago. Josh had to pick me up and wipe the tears away. It was pretty pathetic. After the "accident" I decided I needed to have a new make up set up. Sooooo, I took my Desk and made it a Vanity... take a look!

PS, See that little jar? That's an old candle jar! How eco-friendly of me?

Now onto the drawers...

Meet my children, I mean, my nail polish collection...

Now onto my Top 5 beauty products of the summer! 
I am so excited about all of these products!!

1. Turquoise & Caicos by Essie

This is a beautiful turquoise color! The picture doesn't do it justice! 

2. Baby Lips by Maybelline
I am obsessed with baby lips! They are so moisturizing and a great deal. I think they run for $4 at target! They are pretty sheer but you can definitely see the color on your lips! The first picture shows #30 peach kisses, #25 pink punch, #15 Cherry Me, and #05 Quenched. The second picture is of pink punch, by far my favorite color!

3. Hoola by Benefit

This bronzer is a must have! There is no sparkle in it so it gives you a super natural "glow". I am still on my sample size, I've had it for a few months too! I will buy a full size when I run out!

 4. Natural Eye Palette by Too Faced

These are my go to colors! This palette has 9 colors. Some of the shadows are matte, some are sparkly, and some are shimmery. It is kind of expensive. I think it is $36, but it will last a LONG time and is worth the money!

5. Erase Paste by Benefit

I have been on a Benefit kick lately! I love using this under my eyes. It hides the darkness under my eyes and brightens! It is around $26 I believe! This product will also last you a very long time. I have had mine for months and it is still very full!

What is your summer beauty must have?!