Saturday, October 27, 2012

An Update

A few people have asked me lately why I haven't been blogging.

I really do love blogging and reading everyone's blog.. But I have been doing some soul searching about whether or not putting myself out there is the best idea.. 

I am in the process of trying to re-direct my blog so it's maybe just a tad bit less personal.

A rough update though:

Life is great, beautiful, and full of joy. Seeing my kindergarten class every day is a constant brightener. 

Anyone else in the blog world ever feel the same way that I do? Advice?!

Wishing everyone a beautiful fall saturday! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten... again!

I survived the first day of Kindergarten... (again!)
Me in Kindergarten

Today was filled with laughter, singing, coloring, reading, playing, and even a few tears (not on my behalf, believe it or not!)

 The day went by so fast! It is hot over in this neck of the woods... which meant that our classroom was steaming! The poor little kiddos were sweating like crazy!

I know it's only the first day.. but I can't help but feel like I was meant to be a Kindergarten teacher! 
Don't get me wrong.. I am whooped! I got home around 4:30.. and by 8:00 tonight, I felt like it was 5am! 

One of my sweet kiddo's looked at me after school and said, "I want to go home and sleep!"

Boy, oh boy, will I sleep good tonight!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Celebrations Big & Small

I have been kinda really stressed out lately...

Life is just busy and my spirit has just been down in the dumps lately..

So tonight I am celebrating the little things. 

Like, finding the perfect nail polish for our wedding day, while shopping for my nail polish swap partner Lin that was hosted by the fabulous Meghan:

J's reaction to my nail polish. "You are going to wear skin colored nail polish on our wedding day? You'll change your mind"
We'll see.. haha
Finding the perfect nail polish is a huge feat for me.. considering how obsessed I am with nail polish!

I am also celebrating the fact that I have had our engagement pictures for a few weeks now and I still can't stop looking at them... here's a sneak peek!

Tomorrow I am officially, Miss Gaglio Kindergarten teacher. Ready or not, here I come!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Whirlwind Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

I have been a little MIA lately. Life and the craziness this next year will bring to my life is officially in swing.

Last week I spent the week with J and his parents on Lake Michigan. It was a beautiful week on the lake! 

Since being home, school has officially started at the University. Since I am student teaching, I don't have much to do there though. I have helped out in my classroom and will continue to do so this week. Students will start next Tuesday! Ahh!

Between wedding planning and student teaching I'd be lying if I said that my stress level isn't through the roof. I kinda just thought that the stress would come a little later on. 

Today I plan on relieving a bit of that stress...
I plan on getting lunch with one of my friends, doing wedding crafts, and relaxing at home until I have to take off!

How do you all get through the stressful times?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Adios Summer

I don't know about everywhere else in the U.S.A. but the weather here in Michigan has already begun to tell us that Summer is coming to an end.

I start in the classroom next week and have kids back at school the next week! 

Although I am going to miss the summer, I must say that I'm ready for the fall to begin.

I'm ready for hot apple cider, sweaters, football, and one last semester of college.

I'm ready for time with my sorority sisters before I head out into the big girl world.

For now though, I am going to enjoy this week off with J. 

It's not too often we find ourselves having this much time off together. 

You might find me M.I.A. this week.. hope everyone is enjoying the last bit of summer as much as I am!


Friday, August 17, 2012

Remember This Moment

This morning I was driving to work sipping my iced coffee (guilty pleasure), reflecting on my morning & the day to come...
I do this nearly every morning.
The morning commute relaxes me because it gives me "Sami Time"
Time to reflect, think, predict, sing Taylor Swift like a crazy person...

While driving the song Long Live by Taylor Swift came on.

The first lyrics struck me:

I said remember this moment, in the back of my mind

It made me think of this morning: J and I being whinny and silly. 
It made me think of this summer: Loss, Love, Wedding Planning, Family Time.

Later in the song she says:

I said, Remember this feeling

It made me think of all the crazy wedding planning and how it makes my heart feel so happy because it means spending time with my family and starting a new life.

It made me think of the feeling I have in my gut about Student Teaching starting in a few weeks: The nerves, the excitement.

I want to remember it all.

Because life is good.. easy.. dare I say even a little stress-less.

I want to remember these moments and feelings so when we eventually wake up to a screaming baby or I have a bad day in my classroom I can put things into perspective.

I have got to experience a lot in my life and I am truly blessed.

Happy Friday everyone! 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's ok!

I am linking up with Neely for ITS OK Thursday!

IT'S OK....

That I have looked at the preview of our engagement pictures a hundred times since yesterday evening..

That I worry about everything in the entire world and always fear the "worst case scenario"

That I have been going home to relax at night instead of being productive

That I have way to many nail polishes and still want new ones

To spend hours looking at make up online =]