Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten... again!

I survived the first day of Kindergarten... (again!)
Me in Kindergarten

Today was filled with laughter, singing, coloring, reading, playing, and even a few tears (not on my behalf, believe it or not!)

 The day went by so fast! It is hot over in this neck of the woods... which meant that our classroom was steaming! The poor little kiddos were sweating like crazy!

I know it's only the first day.. but I can't help but feel like I was meant to be a Kindergarten teacher! 
Don't get me wrong.. I am whooped! I got home around 4:30.. and by 8:00 tonight, I felt like it was 5am! 

One of my sweet kiddo's looked at me after school and said, "I want to go home and sleep!"

Boy, oh boy, will I sleep good tonight!


  1. I just love this :) You would be SUCH a WONDERFUL Kindergarten teacher! gahh so excited to hear about your adventure!

  2. OMG the picture is adorable!! This was such a fun post to read!

  3. Love the pic. I teach Pre-k and love love love it. I have often thought of going into the school system and teaching kindergarten....but honestly I don't want to be suppressed by predetermined curriculum I love seeing what my children learn and being able to "tweek" my curriculum to help them even more.
    Congrats, you will do great they are so lucky to have you!