Thursday, June 16, 2011

Moving On..

For most (especially me), moving can be an emotional experience and also an exciting adventure. Last weekend, I spent the weekend packing up my bedroom.  Reliving all of the memories that my room has held for me the past 10 years was an emotional experience. How many countless hours did I spend in that room? I mean, a lot has happened in my life between 6th grade to now.
As I began to get emotional thinking of this all, I started to remember the exciting news: I get to start a new chapter of my life in a new home. Just like my bedroom, I'm sure our new place will hold memories that I'll never forget and memories that I'll want to forget! My new home will actually be my own place, a place that I can take my parents too and cook them dinner!
It's a big (grown-up) step in my life. I am nervous and excited. I can't wait to share the struggles and triumphs that come with moving out into the real world by myself (Plus Josh and Rosco). I have seemed to learn so much already. Who knew when you are sanding a piece of furniture you need to go with the grain? Not this girl! :) (Looks like I'll be learning a lot)

For now, I am forgetting about the stress of moving and heading out to Lake Michigan. :)

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