Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Where do you begin?

I'm not sure how long I've had this blog account open.. but it's been a while. I have been contemplating the simple question (or not so simple) of where to begin. Sure there is a lot going on in my life.. I am moving, I have a new job, I am soon to be a senior in college. BUT (and there's always a but) those things don't mean much to me in the big picture.
I got thinking about what is important to me and what I want people to know about me. The answer of where to begin popped out: My family. While family is important to everyone, I feel as though family is the root to who I truly am. After all, I was named after my dad! Even my name is connected to my family! (I guess there is no escaping them!)

My Dad
(Disregard my no-makeup face, we're at the farm. No make-up needed there.)

        What would I be without my dad? Probably nothing. My dad is the essence to who I am. We share not only our name, but we share our hearts, our scary hair and even our big eyes. We share our love for life, our faith and our strong sense of family. My dad and I have been close since I can remember. We have always been best friends. Even as a 5th grader, if you asked me who my best friend was.. I would of told you it was him.
        He is the greatest man I've ever met. He is so caring, talented, funny, and positive. He is the greatest dad to my sister and I, and the best husband (for 25 years!!) to my mom. I could go on and on....

My Mom
(She is beautiful, huh?!)

       My mom is one of the strongest people I know, which is where I suppose my sister gets it from. (I admire them both dearly because of this.) She sticks up for not only herself but for her family and for what it is right. She is brave (sometimes too brave ;) ). She loves her family and is an extremely hard worker. She is creative and can make a couch, table, lamp and mirror from Goodwill look like it was from Pottery Barn.
        She is straight-forward and an inspiration to me. I couldn't have asked for much more than her.

My Eden

        Eden and I have been close since the day I was born. (I think. ;) ) When she cried, I cried. When she hurt, I hurt. She was my worst enemy through middle school and at the end of high school we were back to being the best of friends. She stuck up for me and is always there for me when I need her. She is an extremely hard worker, and so well put together. (I could only dream of being as together)
        I have admired her since day 1 and still continue to do so today. From her work ethic to her looks, she has it all! She is my best friend and my favorite sibling ;)

The newest addition

       I guess those two boys above aren't technically "family" but in my book they are. Josh is my boyfriend and has been for the past few years. He is the happiness to my day.  He is a little bundle of joy and happiness. Which sometimes includes non-stop tickling and corny jokes. He is the gentleman that my parents could have only dreamed about. He takes care of me and always makes sure there is a smile on my face.
        That little furry guy between us, that is Mr.Rosco. Rosco is the cutest dog in the entire world. (I am not bias at all) He is so in love with his Dad, it is ridiculous! He loves to go crazy when we come home and snuggle with us at night. He's quite the lover and the newest member of my family.

This is where I begin my blogging journey, with the most important part of my life.

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