Thursday, July 14, 2011

Home Sweet Home

After 3 weeks of un-packing, we've finally created a little, cozy home. It's not perfect, but it's ours! Moving consisted of: 90 degree weather, my dad cooking for us, my mom decorating for us, sleepy nights, and a confused puppy. (P.S. Rosco turns 2 on Sunday!)

Here's a peak into our little home...

I got this desk at the Salvation army. I picked up for around $25. Here is what it looked like when I got it..

And after sanding and a few coats of paint, here is the after:

I wanted to get some fun knobs for the drawers, but I never got around to it. Notice: The junk I try to hide in the corner and the giant stuffed dino.=]

One of the house-warming presents we got from my mom:

This clock is really neat. It has a lot of different colors in it and can be used with pretty much any decor.

I love this picture of the messy/half-empty book shelf wall in our living room:

Things I love about this picture:
  • Rosco laying by the door on the cool tile because it was probably 90 degrees in the house
  • The heap of shoes laying by him
  • The coat rack that sat in my parents first house by the door in their living room. (And the fact that it is totally unnecessary to have a coat rack out during this part of the year)
  • The stuff on the book shelves: A picture of my grandpa (Who my dad and myself were both named after) in his army uniform, A bamboo plant we got as house warming gift from L.D. and Amy, The Handy Man Encyclopedia's my mom gave Josh. They belonged to my other Grandpa and are super old, The emptyness of the top shelves (which have started to fill up already),  and some of the books that I have read this summer.
  • The basket of little Rosco's toys.

Another favorite part of my new house (and Rosco's)

The backyard is just big enough for little Rosco to run, play, and use as a potty.
Hidden on the side of the yard this picture was taken on is the patio. We have a little patio set completed with an umbrella my mom got us.

Now if only I could have a craft room like hers. =]

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  1. Ben's mom turned his old room into a craft room. I'm so jealous. I hope to have a craft room one day too! (Maybe Notebook style, overlooking a river? hehe) Can't wait to see your new place next week!