Monday, February 27, 2012

How We Met..

One of my favorite bloggers Little Miss Momma has been telling her love story on her blog. She’s inspired me to tell how I met Josh.
Let's start with the beginning...

The first time I laid eyes on Josh was a hot August day. I was moving into my dorm on GVSU’s campus. I was in a fluster. I was trying to unpack my stuff, meet all the kids in my dorm, and make it to the school I was coaching at for pictures. It dawned on me that I needed to get the KEYS to my dorm, I was directed to another building. Standing in that building passing out some silly item was the cute RA from the second floor of our building. Little did I know then that, that was the boy I’d marry. I wish I could say there was a big A-ha moment, but there wasn’t. I’m sure I quickly just grabbed whatever it was that he was giving the new residents and left.
(That was the day!)
Freshman year went on like it did for most freshmen in college. I made lots of new friends, got dumped, ate lots of cafeteria food, spent a lot of time coaching, and struggled to keep up with homework. I even got a nice little job as a desk assistant for one of the other dorms. A job that I would give RA’s the “duty phone”. Low and behold I ended up having to create small chat with Josh on multiple occasions as he would come to the desk to pick up the phone. I even remember telling my cousin (who was my roommate) that the RA on the 2nd floor was just sooo cute! (Which I am also sure was a common saying coming out of my mouth about any good looking boy.)
At the end of the semester I decided to move home. But that’s not where the story ends..

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