Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 5, I haven't forgot

Sooo... Remember when I started that 30 day photo challenge?
Well, I haven't forgot about it!
So here it is.. Day 5!

Day 5: Someone I love

I love a lot of people, so this one was truly a challenge.

But hey, since I'm gonna marry the boy, I thought I'd choose Joshy!

Now for the big question, Why Josh?
I think the real question should be, Why not?

I remember telling my cousin, when I started dating the R.A. on the second floor (Josh) that if we started dating, we wouldn't break up.
That's a pretty bold statement for a 18 year old college freshman.
If only I knew then just how awesome of a person he would be and how strong of a couple we would truly become.

When we first started dating I remember thinking that we were way to comfortable around one another.
We were always silly around one another and spent a lot of time laughing.
Josh continued to show me how genuine and caring he was.

3 years later, we are planning our wedding.
We still laugh as much as we did the first few weeks.
We still are wayyy to comfortable around one another.

And I still think that he is the most kind, sweet, and caring person I have ever met. He is the guy that my Dad dreamed I would marry.

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