Wednesday, July 18, 2012

15 day Challenge.. take 2!

A few months back I tried failed to do a 15 day challenge.. 

I thought I'd try again though! =]

So here it is.... 
Let's get started, Day 1!

{15 Fun Facts About Me!}

1. I have an unhealthy obsession with nail polish. I love buying it, looking at it, and painting it on my nails!

2. I cry a lot.. happy tears, sad tears, mad tears, excited tears, thankful tears.. Usually tears are involved with every emotion.

3. I am getting married in less than a year! (To the absolute love of my life and the best man I have ever know {Besides my Dad} )

4. I graduate with a teaching degree in less than 6 months!

5. I am messy. (My fiance does not love this part about me!)

6. I love to read.. I could get lost in a book for hours!

7. Nothing in the world is more important to me than family. I love my family and my family-to-be more than words can describe.

8. I have dated Josh for 3.5 years.

9. We have a dog named Rosco and he turned 3 yesterday! (He is basically treated like a child!)

10. I feel most content when I am with family or keeping busy.

11. I have spent the past 4 years of my life coaching cheerleading at a high school. I have learned so much and I love all of the girls I have coached to pieces.

12. I am currently obsessed with Big Brother, Prison Break, and Breaking Bad. (Way to much TV watching lately)

13. I love kids (hence why I am going into teaching) and I can't wait to have my own kiddo's someday.

14. I have tried very hard to be healthy the past few months and I feel a lot better since doing so.

15. I love helping others and lifting them up in any way I can. 

Whew.. that was harder than I thought it would be!
Okay, the challenge is on! If you are up for it, join me! 
Post a comment with your link below so we can all link up! 

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