Monday, July 23, 2012

Bridesmaids Dresses... check!

I was looking forward to yesterday since the beginning of summer!

We found a date where all my lovely bridesmaids could get together and we went shopping for the perfect dresses for them!

Let me tell you... This wasn't the easiest task.. mainly because they looked BEAUTIFUL in everything. Low and behold we found one that was everything we wanted. My mom also found a dress that was to die for!

I couldn't stop smiling yesterday. Having all of your best friends in the same place was the best feeling ever. I felt overwhelmed with joy that these women were there for me. How blessed I am..

Katie, Myranda, Jacqlyn, Me, Amy, and Eden

I have to admit.. It also felt great to watch everyone else try dresses on!

Two more things off of our list! Woah, it's becoming more real!

Thank you Katie, Rand, Jackie O, Amy, and Eden for making the day so much yesterday and for being part of my big day!


  1. bridesmaids dresses were my worse nightmare. Glad you got it all figured out! I'm sure its a big weight off you're shoulders. xo

  2. What a beautiful group!!! Yay for bridesmaids dresses. =)

    Keep Shining,