Friday, August 17, 2012

Remember This Moment

This morning I was driving to work sipping my iced coffee (guilty pleasure), reflecting on my morning & the day to come...
I do this nearly every morning.
The morning commute relaxes me because it gives me "Sami Time"
Time to reflect, think, predict, sing Taylor Swift like a crazy person...

While driving the song Long Live by Taylor Swift came on.

The first lyrics struck me:

I said remember this moment, in the back of my mind

It made me think of this morning: J and I being whinny and silly. 
It made me think of this summer: Loss, Love, Wedding Planning, Family Time.

Later in the song she says:

I said, Remember this feeling

It made me think of all the crazy wedding planning and how it makes my heart feel so happy because it means spending time with my family and starting a new life.

It made me think of the feeling I have in my gut about Student Teaching starting in a few weeks: The nerves, the excitement.

I want to remember it all.

Because life is good.. easy.. dare I say even a little stress-less.

I want to remember these moments and feelings so when we eventually wake up to a screaming baby or I have a bad day in my classroom I can put things into perspective.

I have got to experience a lot in my life and I am truly blessed.

Happy Friday everyone! 


  1. I'm happy you're appreciating life right now! Taylor Swifts lyrics are pretty great.

    1. =] Thanks for stopping by again! Seeing your comments always make me smile!!

      Hope you're having a great week!!


  2. Great post. I felt the same way when my "baby" started Jr. High this week I need to remember each moment and savor it for days like those when my heart feels like it is being ripped out. To remember that good is always close to follow those bitter sweet moments.