Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Whirlwind Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

I have been a little MIA lately. Life and the craziness this next year will bring to my life is officially in swing.

Last week I spent the week with J and his parents on Lake Michigan. It was a beautiful week on the lake! 

Since being home, school has officially started at the University. Since I am student teaching, I don't have much to do there though. I have helped out in my classroom and will continue to do so this week. Students will start next Tuesday! Ahh!

Between wedding planning and student teaching I'd be lying if I said that my stress level isn't through the roof. I kinda just thought that the stress would come a little later on. 

Today I plan on relieving a bit of that stress...
I plan on getting lunch with one of my friends, doing wedding crafts, and relaxing at home until I have to take off!

How do you all get through the stressful times?


  1. Definitely girlfriend time! Exercise I love to sweat me out some stress :). . . oh and if that doesn't work I definitely turn to chocolate hahaha.
    Beautiful picture makes me want to be there.