Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 2: What I Wore

Alright who is ready for day 2 of the photo challenge?

Today was a lazy but productive Sunday for me today. I saw a friend for a while this morning.. Then hit up Meijer to grocery shop... I know most people HATE grocery shopping on Sunday mornings, but I kind of like it. Everyone in the store seemed so nice, being kind and courteous to one another. Josh and I then hit up the mall where we both worked on making our wardrobe more professional.. mission accomplished!

Look what happened to make it into my cart today too while I was grocery shopping.. 
Gone Gonzo from the O.P.I Muppets collection!! I was instantly drawn to the blue sparkles.. The best part... It was on sale for $4.24! What a deal!

Alright, so onto the photo challenge... here is what I wore today:

 My black Sparkly shirt from Target..
My new Betsey Johnson sunglasses...
A messy braid..
Skinny jeans and my Uggs...
(I know I am wearing the same shirt in the last picture... Opse!)

PLUS... favorite accessory...
...Steady She Rose on my nails from O.P.I's Pirates Collection...

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