Sunday, January 8, 2012

I follow a stranger on pinterest.. The only thing I know about her is that she posts inspirational sayings which make me smile.

The quote I posted above, gave me that warm fuzzy feeling. Most days, I am a pretty happy go lucky gal. I'll drive around with "My name is Billy" on my car window and have strangers honking at me because I forgot to shut my gas tank door. I can usually laugh at myself and find the good in what seems to be the evil world. I can smile all day just by looking at my nail polish and be the person you see laughing out loud after they read a text...

But not everyday is like that. Somedays my anxiety gets the best of me. Somedays I spend the whole day worrying about whether my fiance made it to work safely, if my Dad is feeling healthy, if my sister is happy, if I'm making my mom proud, if I look okay, If I am saving enough money.. Basically, about things I can't control. 

Lately, my stress has switched to wedding planning. I want to make everyone happy. I don't want to hurt anyones feelings. I don't want to only have to pick 5 people to stand up with me. I don't want to put a financial burden on my parents. All I really want to do is... marry my best friend.

The best friend who tells me that everything will be okay. The best friend who reminds me that I am a good person. The best friend who will hush me like a baby when the stress makes me cry (which then makes me laugh) The best friend, who reminds me that I can get through whatever challenges life throws my way. 

These Taylor Swift lyrics give me that warm fuzzy feeling too...
 "Life makes love look hard. The stakes are high, the water's rough.. but this love is ours."

I am so blessed to have a constant reminder that life will be okay.. whether its from a stranger on pinterest, a smile from a stranger, or the never ending support from my fiance. 

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