Tuesday, June 5, 2012

You are what you eat?

I have to admit, I've been on bit of a health kick lately.


Probably about a month ago I gave up my beloved Diet Coke and tried to start eating better.

It has definitely been a struggle. Diet Coke and I were BFF's. But, I came to a realization that there is nothing that my body needs from DC. What my body really needs is water and a lot of it. I have been carrying my pink Camelbak water bottle everywhere I go.

More recently I have started working out. I have been doing a mixture of different things including: Cardio, Pilate's, and ab work outs that I get on Netflix. Ab, cardio, leg, and other exercises that I have found on pinterest. 

Today, my friend Katie talked me into running the Color Run with her in August. I will start training for that soon. I have never ran a 5K so it will be a nice accomplishment. (and crazy fun!)

I have been eating lots of fruits and veggies. I also just started using this. It helps me realize the quality or lack there of, of what I'm eating.

I have been getting a little bit of heat for this life style change. I am not trying to loose a significant amount of weight. I am trying to become a healthy and fit young woman. I should be healthy and fit I am only 22! I want to feel good about what I eat and do physically. (And maybe look a little better in a bikini! ;) )

This quote has really stuck to me in the last few months:

You aren't a dog. Why do you treat yourself with food?

Why do we do that? Shouldn't we be "treating" our bodies to healthy foods and exercise instead of sugar packed treats?!

So, send me your advice! (I'm going to need it!)
 How do you try to keep a healthy lifestyle?

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