Sunday, June 10, 2012

How I asked my 'maids'

There is a lot of wedding projects and what not that I want to blog about! 
A lot of it will have to wait until after the wedding, some things need to be a surprise
(I have been a wedding crafting machine though!)

Today, I wanted to tell you how I asked my bridesmaids to be in my wedding!

I bought 5 bottles of wine, I tried to pick ones that I knew they would like.

On my word processor I typed the following:

As I prepare for the day
 that I am to be bride,
It would mean the world to me
to have you sipping by my side.
Will you be my bridesmaid?

I also put a little picture of us on it as well! I then cut a piece of scrapbook card stock and made a whole in the top. I glued the paper off of the word processor to the card stock and hung it on the wine bottle!

Check out how they turned out:

I had a couple friends cry and a couple scream! haha

My favorite reaction was my friends Myrandas. She pulled out the bottle and our conversation went a little like this:
M: You didn't have to get me wine.
S: Check out the paper on it.
M: This picture is so cute of us!
S: (Waiting for her to read it)
M: (Finally reads it and starts to tear up!)

If you wanna hear more about my bridesmaid check out my  Meet The Maids post!
(P.S. The pictures aren't working on that page for some reason! Sorry!)

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