Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Faith and Fear

A few weeks ago I lost one of my cheerleaders. She died in a horrible drunk driving accident along with another one of her classmates. 

To say the very least it was a horrifying experience. I have never had to deal with something so tragic in my life. 

Besides the experience bringing me down and out for a few weeks.. it also has brought on an anxiety of death. Suddenly, I am so scared of someone I love dying..

One night, after the accident occurred Josh and I had a conversation while laying in bed. 

S: I don't want to die young, I want to die old with you...
J: We will, I promise. 
S: You can't promise that.

I think I was pretty on point, you can't promise a life. 

But, what you can do is cherish everyday you are given. 

Relish every second of everyday.

This doesn't make my fears go away, but it sure does put it in perspective.

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  1. I love this post. What a great way to look at life. There are no guarantees of when we have to leave but if we live every minute like our last we can nearly guarantee no regrets :)