Tuesday, June 12, 2012


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I have been listening to my running play list every time I go out. Yesterday I giggled when 'Single Ladies' by Beyonce came on! It reminded me that when Josh proposed to me he updated his facebook status to: I liked it, so I decided to put a ring on it.
EVERYTHING! Lately I have been soaking in the small things in life. Last night I was laying in bed with the lights dimmed, the fan on, and a new book in my hand. I was so content.
More specifically though, I am loving: running, thrift store shopping, crafting, spending time with Josh and our families, and nail polish of course!
I want to get home! There is something about going home to a cozy house after work! I am also thinking that I need to go running again tonight! No excuses, especially since it isn't nearly as hot as it was yesterday!
The anxiety of graduating to go away. The fear of being jobless and burdened with student loans weighs on my heart everyday. I have faith that it'll work out, but it doesn't stop the worrying.
To see my Dad. It's his birthday and I am a Daddy's girl!

What are you listening, loving, thinking, wanting, and needing?!