Sunday, June 24, 2012

Girlfriend Getaways

Last night Josh and I took our sweet pup, Rosco on a walk to the park. As we were walking I said something along the lines of this to Josh: "I am so happy lately. I feel as if I'm spending enough time with myself, with you, with my family, and with my friends"

I know I have talked about this before. Lately though I feel my girlfriends have really made my life so enjoyable.

My friend Katie and I work together so we spend lots of time together anyways but we also have been spending lots of time together crafting, getting Panera, training for a 5k, and maybe occasionally sharing a glass of wine!

My friend Jacqlyn and I spent a few days together this weekend too. Nail painting, movies, trashy TV, olive garden and pure relaxation were all part of our agenda.

I have never in my life been so blessed to have the quality of great friends as I have now. There's nothing like having those girl friends in your life to laugh, cry, and maybe even complain with!


  1. i couldn't agree more! i'm so glad you are in my life (: xo

  2. so, so true. girlfriends really do make life a whole lot better. wouldn't have it any other way love :) ...and I have a sneaking suspicion the three of us would get along just fabulously haha, one day we'll make that happen!